Some Glow Brightly by John Palmer Gregg

Some Glow Brightly by John Palmer Gregg

Some Glow Brightly by John Palmer Gregg

Thistle Bound Press is excited to announce the publication of our first book. Here is the press release.

About the book

Some Glow Brightly, the debut novel from author John Palmer Gregg. The young-adult and middle-grade crossover novel brings together elements of fantasy, supernatural and adventure. It will be published by Thistle Bound Press.

The story centers around 14-year-old Red Snyder. A young man who feels he will never live up to the bravery his father, a war photographer, is known for. Especially when he freezes anytime the stakes are high in a baseball game.

Following a vehicle accident Red discovers a whole spiritual world that exists alongside our own. While travelling back and forth between the two realities he becomes aware of an evil hermit who wants to destroy the barrier between the two worlds, a barrier that is the only thing keeping the physical world safe. He decides he must do everything he can to stop the plan.

Along the way Red recruits some unlikely allies; an older guide and mentor, a child genius, a vigilante who thinks he is a superhero, and an escaped circus performer. Together they must find a way to defeat the hermit and his own allies with the circus.

During the course of the fast-paced novel the danger and pressure the heroes face grows ever darker and more imminent with each passing day. The enemy’s plans will come to fruition soon, and they must act now to prevent world-wide disaster.

About the author

John Palmer Gregg has won press association awards as both a writer and photographer before leaving newspapers to work as a documentarian with humanitarian, aid, and mission agencies around the world to help them tell their stories more effectively.

John Palmer Gregg lives in East Tennessee with his wife and son. Some Glow Brightly is his first novel.

Some Glow Brightly
John Palmer Gregg
Thistle Bound Press
ISBN (ebook): 9780997968514
ISBN (paperback): 9780997968507
310 pages
Publish date: December 6, 2016

Preorders are available online at for both print and ebook, or directly from

You can also check out the author’s website,, the book’s site,, and follow him on his Goodread’s author page.

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